June 2016

Another busy day

20160629_200302Today has been a mixed bag , tedious, and   exciting, hospital vist then buying art materials and liasing with the printer , so so pleased with the printing results


So to bed

A very productive  day in studio I’m content , with all I got done


More work on child’s dinosaurs / star wars bedroom mural ,iv painted  Harrison in his own mural ,  incorporated his  two  favorite things ,  Dinosaurs,  and star wars BB8 , seeing Harrisons excitement was so heart warming


So a really productive meeting today , focusing ideas for funding and a few ideas for the  art , the dementia friendly project , Lapwing really looking forward to running some art projects  at Barton court minster with my fellow artists. And my mum and dad are to take part both have dementia bless them   so a real family event


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